What Kind of Work Will I Be Doing?

TRIP Canada is working on the expansion of an orphanage that was started after the tsunami. The original building houses 24 children and in 2016, our volunteers completed the first floor of a new facility. In 2017, we will start building the rooms on the second floor. When the volunteers work is completed, the children’s home will create a new life opportunity for 60 children.

Supported by skilled Sri Lankan labourers, Monks from the Temple, children and adults, rebuilding tasks are described below. There is lots of variety and you can try everything! No previous skills required – our hired workers are great teachers.

  • Moving dirt for floors
  • Unloading and moving all materials
  • Making concrete, mortar and plaster by hand
  • Building brick walls
  • Tiling roofs
  • Plastering, painting and staining
  • Finishing floors
  • Lots of cleaning up
  • Having lots of fun learning how to accomplish these tasks with a team of novices and ‘experts’ speaking a foreign language
  • Meeting and playing with the lovely children who so appreciate all our volunteers

If we put together plans to support the 2017 flood victims we will be building, wells, toilets, kitchens and, in some cases, entire homes. The 2018 volunteer trip is shaping up to be a tremendously rewarding opportunity to extend a helping hand halfway around the world to people in need.

Here is what our volunteers have to say about the experience:

“There are so many reasons why everyone should experience this…the amazing Canadians you work beside…the amazing Sri Lankans that will melt your heart… and the incredible feeling of seeing first-hand the difference you can make in the life of a village”

“It showed me what a group of like-minded individuals can achieve and the results those efforts can have in restoring human faith. Truly, a life changing experience.”

“I came home with a new view on charitable work and charitable organizations. It’s not about hand outs, it’s about hands on.”

“I now believe that one person doing one thing really can make a difference. It was incredible to witness my donation in action.”

“Working really hard physically to help those wonderful, hopeful and gentle people was incredibly energizing as well as rewarding. I love it!”

“I went hoping to change lives and then realized the life that changed the most was my own.”

What can I do after work?

The balance of the afternoon is spent at leisure, followed by dinner at the hotel. We go out for dinner at local restaurants several evenings for some variety and local experience.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with warm, friendly people. When not working our volunteers enjoy time together around the pool, visiting local beaches and exploring the nearby town of Tangalle.

We will arrange late afternoon trips to nearby temples, rivers and a visit to the legendary “blow hole”. For our day off volunteers can tour the Udawalawe Elephant Park or visit Galle, a lovely fortress town built by the Dutch. Lots of recreational and cultural options will be made available.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us!