Cost & Fundraising

A volunteer’s work in Sri Lanka is considered a charitable contribution so 100% of the costs paid directly to Developing World Connections (DWC), TRIP Canada’s partner and administrator of the trip, are eligible for a tax receipt.

The costs can vary depending on the time of year travelled. Individuals can estimate the following while considering participation:

Costs Paid to DWC:

  • Donation to the cost of the building project: $500
  • All in-country arrangements and expenses: $1,100
  • Project management fee: $500
  • Depending on route and when flights booked cost can range from $1,500 to $2,000

Personal Costs:

  • Estimate for vaccinations and personal costs: $500

In sum, the cost to volunteer with TRIP Canada ranges between $4,100-$4,600 CAD.

Volunteers can pay for their expenses personally or by fundraising through third parties. Both are eligible for tax receipts.


A number of volunteers have raised funds to help pay for their trip. Donations from third parties for $20 or more are eligible for a tax receipt. If you plan to raise funds for a significant portion of your trip this should be done before booking flights. If you need to fundraise in order to volunteer with us, then let us know and we can help you with fundraising strategies that have worked for volunteers in the past.

Tax Receipts

Developing World Connections (DWC) is a non-profit organization operating under the registered charity number 84949 7078 RR0001. DWC issues a tax receipt for all expenses paid through DWC relating to the volunteer experience. If the charitable deduction is ever questioned on an income tax return, it will be the responsibility of the individual to respond.

Third party donors residing in Canada will receive a charitable tax receipt for 100% of funds donated on behalf of TRIP Canada.