We need people with compassion, commitment and leadership to join our team and spend two weeks building homes, schools, and other projects. The work is hard, the hours are long, and the rewards are unimaginable.

Participants learn a lot just by putting themselves in this situation. They experience:

  • The reward of helping others and how it contributes to a full and satisfying life
  • Learning that one small act of kindness has a big impact and does make a difference
  • The personal fulfillment from doing physical labour in a foreign environment
  • Immersion in a developing country and new culture with the opportunity to really get to know the people who live there
  • Challenging and inspiring human dynamics working and living 24/7 with a diverse team
  • The value of getting involved and personally delivering a very tangible donation
  • A deeper appreciation for friends and family; for the simple things in life; and, for the numerous benefits of living and working in Canada