Why should you donate to TRIP Canada?

1. To enable our building projects, financially support students education and training, and contribute to our special services. All third party donations of $20 or more are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

2. To sponsor a volunteer or a portion of their expenses. Funds raised to support a volunteer are applied to flights, in-country costs and a donation to building costs. For each volunteer, there is an administrative fee paid to Developing World Connections for costs associated with organizing all details of the trip and project site management in Sri Lanka.

If you make a donation, we will advise you how the funds have been used and, on an annual basis, we will publish a newsletter with full details on disbursement of donations.

What impact can your donation make? Here are some examples:

buildingtools slideswings room


How can you support our education efforts? Here are some examples:

tutoring computer booksresmeals

How can you support a volunteer? Here are some examples:

living costs airfareProject management fee