Developing World Connections

Developing World Connections is a grassroots, registered non-profit, and Canadian Charitable Organization with no professional, political, or religious affiliation which provides International Volunteer Experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds. Based in Kamloops BC, Developing World Connections connects volunteers to communities in developing nations to work on sustainable projects that better the lives of some of the world’s most impoverished people.

Developing World Connections now operates in 10 countries around the world with a wide variety of service projects enabling education, livelihood, food, water, homes, communities, children and youth. Each trip has a trained Team Leader and the volunteer experience can be short-tem, long-term or custom-designed for the group. Developing World Connections’ groups include university students, families, people of all ages and corporate teams. The International Volunteer Experiences and projects benefit all. The volunteer enjoys a meaningful and satisfying experience while the project beneficiaries gain an increased understanding of the visitors’ culture and directly benefit from the projects. The host country enjoys the significant contributions made to its local economies.

Response to Disasters: Developing World Connections has been very responsive to disasters that have struck developing countries quickly deploying teams to help in Sri Lanka after the tsunami in 2004 and then in Haiti and the Philippines. Just two months after the tsunami, Developing World Connections sent a volunteer building team to Sri Lanka and also facilitated a relationship between the cities of Kamloops BC and Tangalle Sri Lanka to help rebuild that devastated community. In June 2005, Developing World Connections partnered with TRIP Canada to build a village for homeless tsunami survivors and support TRIP’s ongoing programs in the Tangalle area.

Projects in Tangalle Sri Lanka: After the tsunami, working through the City of Kamloops, Developing World Connections assisted with the rebuilding of a number of businesses in Tangalle, some city-wide projects including providing a back hoe and dump truck for tsunami cleanup, support for English and computer classes in a local school and has been creating a trades training facility for local job assistance. Four Tangalle students have been sponsored to spend high months living and going to school in Kamloops for total English immersion. Since 2005, to deliver these services, there have been 20 trips to Tangalle by Kamloops volunteers, students, dignitaries and visitors. Developing World Connections is planning a 10th anniversary volunteer trip in February 2015.

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