So Much Accomplished – Thank You Team 14

Our last two days were a flurry of activity – lots of work, fun, celebration, joy, appreciation and the sadness of saying goodbye. Working with the families and our local masons, just look at how this team has changed lives.

Manjula’s Family: These photos show how the family has lived since the flooding a year ago and what their new home looked like when we arrived. When we left the kitchen was done, 90% of the parging complete and the interior painting well underway. We were presented with a poster done by Manjula’s wife Anusha depicting their new home with all the volunteers working. The inscription read, “Wellcome to our dream home”.

Jagath’s Family: When we arrived there was just a foundation. After 8 days of hard labour the walls are up, all the floors done, inside parging begun and it is ready for the roof. Another happy family.

Anura’s Family: There really aren’t words to compare the conditions this family have lived in since the flooding and their new wheel-chair accessible home.

The volunteers were honoured to participate in the house blessing ceremony on our last day. We were greeted by the family, presented with garlands and cut the ribbon to open the home. To bless the house we lit candles, were all joined together by a long string and then it was cut into pieces and knotted around our wrists. We certainly felt united with this family and celebrated with food prepared by the community.

The joy and gratitude of these families was evident throughout our time here. Seeing Aruna and his family moved in was very special to all the volunteers and it won’t be long before Manjula and Jagath have their new homes blessed.


Canadapura: The four new rooms on the second floor are painted inside and just need the final outside coat. Then the railing will go on and the rooms are ready for more children. It looks great and very welcoming.

Our last day with the kids is always lots of fun. Musical chairs very competitive with some missing their chairs entirely and a race for first place between Sandali and Coleen. In the balloon toss, Bruce and Pathum were victorious.

These are very special children who are easy to love and they look forward to the volunteers coming every year.

There is joy and sadness on leaving. Our lives have been touched by all these people and their gratitude. In the words of one volunteer, “We are building more than houses.”


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