Day 9 – And The Team Keeps Going!


Team Am – The Gulag  Parging walls, sidewalks, porch – this team is hot and moving. Trees cut for roof rafters. Sand sifting delegated to kids. Rumour has it that someone tried to escape but was caught and returned to the fold.

Team Bruce – Margaritaville  In spite of the suggestive name this team works hard too. The outside parging done – with some added creativity – and the team is now painting. At every site the home owners have worked alongside the volunteers every day. They are all so happy and proud. Can’t wait to see the outcome tomorrow – almost done.

Canadapura  Stacie and Kelly are brick layers today and must have lost at least two pounds of sweat. Deb is working in the “dungeon” (read bathroom – no chains – just small) while Gretchen and Chrissy get started on the outside. There is no doubt from their video that these girls just wanna have fun. And they do! Working on a link.

Team 14 Album_1_190

Navajeevena  is a local rehabilitation facility and school for special needs children. It was through this organization that TRIP connected with two of the families we are helping out. One of our volunteers, Kelly Lake, is back for his second visit to coach the Navajeevena teachers on creating environments for teaching young children. He ran a two-day workshop focussing on methods to enhance teaching by using colour, natural materials and texture to assist in language development and fine motor control. The teachers were engaged and showed their appreciation with some natural gifts for Kelly.


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