Hot, Humid, Productive!

The team is back at it with renewed determination to get as much work done as possible in the remaining days. We are putting a big push on at all four worksites. For Don, Gretchen, Deborah and Terry it is a very special day as they know it is time for the final coat of paint on Aruna and Nilmini’s home.

The before and after photos tell the whole story – sorry if you cannot see the huge smiles! You can see that the team is sporting special outfits (mostly floral orange) with a bandana for Terry and Gretchen blew her entire jewellery budget on a new work outfit at the Galle market. The story of the day – paint, paint, paint – on tables, chair – anything to reach all the corners, doors and windows. Home is looking beautiful. Family so grateful.

The story goes to concrete, concrete, concrete with Team Am. Jim and Kelly have been wooed back to the site by this amazing leader who never stops working, does every job expertly and always has time to share a smile and thought with everyone.

All were feeling the heat – and the cement – so Kal walked into the woods with Kelly and Suda and emerged with 5 fresh coconuts. We perked up just in time for lunch. Despite our lack of collective energy, we finished the floor and got started on a few other tasks. Tomorrow we start to parge the walls…aaaaannd get ready to lay more concrete for the outside walkway.

At Manjula’s the action is totally focussed on sifting and parging. The goal is to complete two outside walls. Lots of help from the kids – flowers for children young and old (Anusha keeps a lovely garden) – dancing, skipping and water balloons. Much sweating in all the usual places and complaints about some new ones! There is baseball coaching going on and three-year old Manisha may have a future as a Blue Jay. The sand sifters, Steph and Coleen, are way ahead of schedule. Is it possible their new sifting flip technique is a break through?

At Canadapura Susie and Hilary are leading the colouring class with the kids – they are good teachers and the girls and boys love the attention. They are making thank you cards for all donors and notes for each other. Chrissy, Kelly, Stacie and Janet are on paint detail.

The volunteers brought lots of games for the kids – badminton, skipping ropes, puzzles, bracelet making kits. So after lunch it wasn’t hard to convince the team that they’d all done enough work. Time to PLAY! Especially their all-time favourite volleyball.

There is no better way to end a tiring, productive day than relaxing with a drink in the lounge chairs at one of our favourite places – Palm Paradise – home to many TRIP Canada volunteer teams in the early days.

Team 14 Album_1_179


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