We started the day with a visit to two Temples worked on in the past. For those who assisted at the temple destroyed by the 2004 tsunami, it was wonderful to see it finished. A beautiful building with a spectacular Buddha.

Then the team split up to go to their worksites. The Canadapura volunteers were greeted by some of the girls  and a lovely arrangement of flowers. Task for the day is painting to finish four rooms on the second floor. Lots of experience here and the inside of the rooms get done. The day is short and productive. Thanks Susan, Chrissy, Deb and Kelly!

Meanwhile back at the Gulag — a first day for some of the volunteers and they are happy to see old friends and have all the children around. The kids seem to multiply when Hilary and Stacie are on the scene.

Lots of hard work for everyone levelling, pounding, making concrete and then pouring it. By the end of the day three rooms have brand new shiny floors!

At Manjula’s we are pretty sure the pargers are getting MORE plaster stuck on the wall than the stuff that falls to the ground. The Sand Sisters, Janet and Gretchen, have really improved on the sifting process. And the TRIP masons have been dubbed “The Hole in the Wall Gang” for their prowess.

We are making friends with all the families – beautiful children and some very hip dudes. Ron had a momentary return to his youth trying his tricycle skills. Sadly, no improvement!

We visited the tsunami village built by TRIP Canada for a lunch prepared by good friends who live there – Senevi, Chamalie and their family. Good food and very special moments. Especially getting ready for the team photo!

Our day ended visiting a small temple that is more than 150 years old. Then a little R+R and out for dinner. Truly amazing what this team has done in just 5 days. All families are within two weeks of moving in, Much gratitude to all who got us here.

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