Exploring, R+R, Fun

The team certainly deserves a day off and there are many interesting places to explore in this beautiful country. Some choose to just relax and hang out at Moonstone while a few head to the ocean. Most of the group travels a couple of hours to Galle to explore the old Dutch fort, shop, lunch and go for a cooking lesson.

It is a good opportunity to visit long-time Sri Lankan friends. Janet and Bruce have tea with Anil’s family whom we have known since 2005. Sachini is now a doctor, married and the proud mother of six-month-old Vihan. She will return to her medical practice in May. Am and Hilary are invited to Kal’s home. He helped us build the village for tsunami families and works on our projects every year. His wife Nadu and children Manoody and Dinuka welcome Aunty Am for her annual breakfast. Kal holds a special place in the hearts of many TRIP Canada volunteers whom he has taught the fine art of masonry.

The day ends with everyone gathering at Moonstone to share stories about the first week. Our projects have come a long way. Ishan now has a wheel-chair accessible home to live in. For Manjula’s family the plastering inside the house is done and the outside is well underway. Over at Jagath’s we have seen the building rise from a foundation to a full structure – brick by brick. And at Canadapura, the paint crew is very busy.

While the works days are long and hard, we have made wonderful new friends sharing this very rewarding experience together. There is much laughter and we do have lots of fun – gathering at the pool after work for beer and a swim – over meals at the worksites and our Sri Lanka home, Moonstone Villas – and some special nights out for dinner.

Sleep well Team 14 – another busy day awaits!

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