A Very Rewarding Day

Thursday dawns hot and clear with plans to make considerable progress at all the houses. The home for the two special needs children is close to completion, for Manjula’s more plaster, and at Jagath’s it is time to start some “inside” work.

For Coleen, Terry, Gretchen and Janet it was very exciting to arrive at Aruna’s to add some finishing touches to the painting. The very caring work crew here were completing the ramp to facilitate Ishan’s wheelchair and the verandah is extra large so he will be able to sit outside. The carpenter, who made all the doors and windows, offered to build a table for the family. It is a beautiful work of art.

What an amazing worksite with dedicated workers, family members and friends all pitching in to create a new home for this special family. With our Sri Lankan coaches, it was lots of fun to start painting the outside and then move indoors to work on doors and windows. Terry entertains by imitating local birds, sharing stories and there was lots of hilarity when the family dog ran through the fresh cement. He literally ended up in the dog house and cried mournfully for the rest of the morning. (The dog not Terry!)

We felt the happiness and appreciation of this family so much today and we know that very soon they will be moving into a wonderful new place.

For Am’s team it is more hot, heavy work at Jagath’s where the interior and exterior walls are up after just three days. Lots of great support jobs with Team Tetanus (Susan and Janet) pulling rusty nails and First Mason Assistants (Stacie, Amalie and Kelly) hauling lots of cement. Rumour has it that Jim and Don make awesome mud pounders as they shouldered the responsibility of levelling the floors. The site is now nicknamed the Gulag but nothing stops the tough, hard workmen toasting our efforts at teatime.

A bit of the fourth day blues, too much sun and pools of sweat. Jim’s shorts are soaked before morning tea time but Janet saved him by ripping off some of her shorts for a sweat band. Stacie, ever the team player, gave demos on how to use the squatter with shorts down and Susan, who has years of experience, wisely advises “never move a pile of bricks until you know where they are REALLY going to be used”!

Great accomplishments by the team with the lentils at the top of the walls complete, floors tamped down in all rooms in preparation for concrete and one floor already done. And special new friendships.

For Team Margaritaville the job was parging – so much that they will undoubtedly be dreaming about it tonight – hopefully not nightmares. Chris’ boyfriend is back checking her out – he loves the pink lipstick. Thanks to the terrific workers who are make us feel like we are very good at our jobs.

We are making awesome progress with the main room well underway. The breaks give us a an opportunity for rest, story telling and Hilary keeps us laughing. Throughout lunch we commiserate with the “backache buddies” – this is a growing group. Deb has great support from the workers who set up her personal “parging station” which is a drum with palette for plaster on top so she can save her back by not bending down. Ron had a minor altercation with the sand sifting machine but fortunately survived. There is lots of family around and kids playing. They really enjoy skipping ropes and frisbees. 

Rockin’ music jump started the group in the afternoon and the tunes and their great spirit kept them going. Parging inside done. Yahoo! Outside tomorrow.

After work, it was a tired, dirty, sweaty and very happy Team 14 that reunited at Moonstone. Tough day – incredible people. Some headed to The ocean, others the pool and a few hardy volunteers went to climb to the Rock Temple. It was 565 steps up and then 565 steps back down but worth it for the incredible view. Wonderful photo of Stephanie and Kelly Deacon.


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