Work Ahead of Schedule – Student Celebrations

On Monday night the volunteers welcomed a number of the students in TRIP Canada’s education program. We presented watches to two new graduates – one in Engineering and the other in Biology – and celebrated the success of all our university scholarship students. Sashini, our very first medical doctor, is on maternity leave and  came to introduce her son Vihan.

TEAM “HERMIE” – Now honouring a favourite dog at the site nicknamed Hermie by the team, the volunteers made huge progress at the home of Andura and Nilmini. Our goal is to have this one done by the time we leave next week.

It was more experience in concrete with pouring of a paved walkway around the house – Jim and Don took the lead on this. Kelly and Janet have been promoted to join the class of “mason” with Hilary and Stacie. Susan joined the team today to add her painting expertise and the whole inside of the house is now done. Great job by all and many thanks to the workers who make the day go so smoothlyIMG_20180417_135852


TEAM MARGARITAVILLE – It is no coincidence that a Jimmy Buffett atmosphere has descended on Bruce’s worksite. Manjula lives within a small community of seven family homes – his is closest to the rice paddy field and sustained the most significant damage from the floods.  There are lots of kids around as it is a school break.

The big job today is more plastering. The kids join in to help  sift the sand. Then Bruce and Darshana hand mix the plaster and deliver to the “pargers”. Stephanie, Terry, Don, Coleen and Deborah all excelled at this.

Believe it or not you can get rock music from an English station here so there was lots of singing and dancing at the site. Although they didn’t need lessons, the kids loved teaching Coleen and Deb to dance and skip!

After finishing most of the inside parging here, the team earned an afternoon tea break. Job well done!

GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE CREW – An apt name as the sun is shining brilliantly and this is a very hot site with even the Sri Lankan workers wearing hats. Never before seen that! This team moves fast anyway. By 11:00am cement mixed, bricks moved (maybe for second or third time!!), two more walls done and corners DONE.

Moving on to the next level – getting bricks to roof height – was a challenge to most of us. Lots of moving – scaffolding, bricks, cement – looks impressive. A tough day – lots done – WHEW!

Everyone very happy with the results!

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