Team Intrepid Tackles Rainy Wednesday

In spite of threatening skies, Team 14 headed out early to keep moving each project forward. Today was a first for getting back to Canadapura – the children’s orphanage we have worked on for the last two years. The job is to start painting the second floor rooms and Susan, Ron, Coleen and Stacie took it on. As Stacie shared it was a very peaceful day with lots of progress:

“Listened to music while we painted two rooms and two bathrooms. Had some laughs along the way and enjoyed the gentle rainfall. It was a quiet day as the kids are still on break so we’re looking forward to them coming back so we can see them.”

Not so peaceful at Team Amalie. Am, Jim, Terry and Kelly were outside as their house is several days away from having a roof. Am declares that she is really not a slave driver, “the work is just hard here.” The workers and volunteers are putting the final touches to the brick work on the walls. There is a fine art to preparing the walls and framework for the lentels.

Then a lot cement mixing, slugging and reaching to get the “mud” to the real experts.

The team scribe (Jim) was clearly overworked as his key observations focused on the number of times bricks were moved (too many), food preferences of the local dogs (fried rice) and the kids (cookies – of course). Good job team – this house is taking shape.

Meanwhile Bruce and his team are shaking things up at Manjula’s house. In between anointing Master Pargers (Gretchen, Hilary, and Kelly), Janet became the Master Shovel Slinger and Stephanie and Chris the Queens of Sifting.

Bruce is missing in action on the highest scaffolding while Janet informs the workers that they are personally responsible for his safety. There clearly had to be lots of other interesting things going on during work and tea breaks that shall remain unpublishable. Hilary references: “lotus blossom”, “butter cup” and “sunshine” bonding with a cement ceremony; lots of boogying; and being chastised for thin cement by Nilantha. the head mason, who clearly adores her.

Let’s just say all had great fun and what happens on the site, stays on the site!


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