Team 14 Ready to Go!

18 volunteers…3 families ready for new homes….4 rooms to finish at Canadapura orphanage

2017 was a terrific year with much success in TRIP Canada’s building initiatives, education programs, fundraising and volunteer development. With this momentum, Team 14 has an incredible opportunity to complete 4 building projects in April.

The team is a mix of experienced volunteers – 2 marking their 10th anniversary – and new people keen to make a difference. They are coming from western Canada, the US and Ontario. 

Manjula’s New Home: One project the team will tackle is building a new home for Manjula and his family. They had much of their home destroyed in the devastating 2017 rains and flooding – the worst in Sri Lankan history. Manjula is physically disabled but works whenever he can as a mason’s assistant to support his wife, a garbage collector, and children. They struggle to make ends meet and would never be able to rebuild their outside kitchen, well, toilet and the walls of their home. The first photo is the family a few weeks after the storm with their walls held together by donated tin. The second is the their new home that the volunteer will complete. A special thanks to our donors for providing the funding to get started!


And One for Ishandra: Another major project is a new home for Ishandra’s family. Ishandra collects old tires which he repairs for resale or cuts up and sells the rubber to shoe factories. His wife Nilmi cares for their two children – both with muscular dystrophy. Ishan, 12, is confined to a wheel chair. Kamili, 15, still walks but will need a wheel chair soon. The May 26th floods washed away all Ishandra’s tires, his tools and their home. TRIP Canada is building a new wheel chair accessible home for this family with small sitting room, two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. Pictured below is the family right after the flood and the progress of their new home.

Our next blog entry will be posted by Monday April 16. TRIP Canada also publishes a photo gallery each day on

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