Another Great Team, Another Sad Farewell!

ByTeam 13

Back in Canada we spend lots of time reflecting on the many unforgettable memories. Everyone worked and laughed so hard and gave so much to the people and the project. Certainly a piece of all our hearts stayed in Sri Lanka.

Some personal thoughts:

Don: My world has gotten a whole lot smaller…thanks to my Sri Lankan friends. You will always be in my heart.

Erin: Everything hurts except my heart. This trip has challenged me beyond what I thought was my capacity and taught me the beauty of teamwork. On top of that, this is the most amazing food I have ever eaten.

John: When wearing and learning how to tie a sarong you have to be careful of the peacocks!

Carol Anne: The children, the children, the children, especially after I allowed them to paint. They had paint on their faces, their hair, their clothes and the floor. How could I say “no’ to their beautiful smiles and big brown eyes. After all, it’s their home!

Susan: Every trip brings deeper meaning and what makes this very special is being with the ones we are working to help each day – and having them want to work beside us.

Linda: In just a few days I have received more smiles (from beaming Sri Lankans) than I do back home in 3 months. The people are wonderful.

Stacie: I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the local workers, interacting with the kids and seeing them laugh and smile. That’s what fills my heart.

Coleen: The children and the satisfaction of helping the world in a small way are wonderful AND the ocean. The ocean calls at the end of every day.

Ron: Those 21 kids!

Team 13: It is a privilege and a gift to volunteer for TRIP Canada. Thank you Janet, Bruce and Amalie.


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