Sunday – Market Day, Sand and More Sand!


Breakfast was a little subdued this morning after everybody enjoyed their day off. When asked “How is Sri Lanka” my response has been “Everything hurts except my heart,” and that was particularly true today.  We all seem to feel the work we have put in this week and I have loved every minute of it.  I have never been more exhausted or filled with joy.

The day started with a trip to see our hostess Raelene’s plot of land.  She has taken such great care of us at Moonstone Villas and it was exciting to see what she has planned for her next step.

Then on to the market! I had my eye on some spices and my camera in my hand. I tried to be a little sneaky taking photos at first, fearing the vendors might get self-conscious or angry with me. Yet I found the opposite to be true! So many people smiled and chatted with me, saying “Canada?” when they saw the logo on my Trip Canada shirt.  The market did NOT disappoint. Just like the rest of this beautiful country, the colors are simply incredible.  The fabrics. The produce. Everything.

It was good we had a limited amount of time because you really could get lost there.  I had a great conversation with a woman who was bunching herbs and wanted to practice some of her English with me. She had such a great, shy smile when I asked if I could take her picture! Eventually I remembered I had an agenda and tracked down some dried chilis, saffron, cloves, lentils, and curry powder. I grabbed some elephant fabric on the way to the van and off we went to get to work!

I have had fun being part of what Don has called “The Bucket Brigade.”  The other members switch up with Amalie, Coleen, Don, Linda, Bruce, and Ron all helping me out today. We are using a bucket and pulley system to get the sand for cement and plaster from the ground up to the second level of the orphanage where we are working.  My job is to grab the bucket once it is lifted up and hand it off to be dumped through the first sifter.  I was once afraid of heights so it is exciting how comfortable and confident I feel doing this!


But that is what this trip does.  Challenge you to find your strengths and work with them as part of the team.

So far I have been amazed at what we have accomplished together – the plastering on the second floor is almost done and the old building is looking great with a fresh coat of paint – and I cannot wait to celebrate our job well done at the end of the trip!!!

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