Monday – Great Visits, The Big Push


Last night we had an incredible dinner at Palm Paradise…a hotel many of the previous volunteers will remember having stayed there on four trips   Lots of fun in the medical chairs!

A few nostalgic visits today….after breakfast, off to the temple at Palathaduwa where we saw several buildings completed by volunteers on previous trips. We toured the old temple and the school we rebuilt across the street and were delighted to see how lovely and well-kept these properties are.

Lunch was at the Ketakalawatta Village, the community built by TRIP Canada for 24 tsunami families. We were hosted by Senevi, Chamalie and their family who take good care of the village, the community centre and us. Watching them grow and prosper has been very special to us. The village looks so good.

At the work site, we reached several significant milestones today – completed painting the outside of the original orphanage including their small place of worship – and on the new construction, finished three rooms and most of the outside walls. Makes us all very happy.

The laugh of the day was at breakfast when Bruce interjected – at exactly the right time in the conversation – that with this group, it was challenging for men to get in a word with so many women on the team (4 men and 9 women). LOL – guess you had to be here! We laugh a lot and easily.

The day was topped off with pretty cool dinner at Buckingham Place. We haven’t experienced Nick’s new digs before – quite spectacular.

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