Friday – Music, Working Together, Making Friends

By: Natalie

Today was a great day – we started early and made our way to Canadapura to continue our work.  Susan’s speaker was finally put to use as I plugged in my phone, created a playlist and the fun began. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music – as there was quite a bit of singing and dancing going on. The music definitely brought a different energy to our day, the children loved it. Stacie and I used paint brushes as a microphone and sang to Ed Sheeran. Podi (our lovely construction boss) appeared to enjoy our performance.

All the children showed great interest in helping us with our work, especially painting! They wanted to paint at every moment they could get their hands on a brush or a roller. All the girls approved of the colour, a beautiful mint. Other than accidentally painting the floor, they did a pretty good job! From the first day we got to Canadapura to today, the children have broken out of their shells and the shyness has faded. They are cheerful, smiley and engage with us all. It’s pretty special and wonderful to be around them.

After lunch, Coleen and Stacie started to teach them our way to play ‘football’ and they caught on really quickly

As the painting team worked downstairs, the other volunteers continued their work on the second floor – moving sand, making plaster, building walls and lots of parging.

Everyone is pretty tired and looking forward to our beach BBQ tonight and a day off tomorrow.

Another productive, fun and successful day done!


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