Thursday – Hard Work, Good Food and Laughter

By: Stacie

Our morning started off with a trip to the female Monk’s Temple. This is a temple that TRIP Canada rebuilt a couple of years ago. We saw the playground as well as all of the inside work the group did and we were graced by the presence of not only the Monk but some beautiful children.

80 Our day starts with visit to Female Monk Temple.

Then we headed to Canadapura for another day of hard work. I built some walls today which was a big success and one of the locals, Kal, told me I was a great mason so that was a big compliment!  Erin tried her hand at parging – really enjoyed it and John became pretty good at brick laying thanks to the great teaching of Nilantha. The brick movers got the job done moving everything to the second floor.

Overall, the group made a lot of progress. Brick laying, parging, sand sifting and painting. At lunch we took some time to talk with the children and play soccer with them. They loved it but truthfully the volunteers had a blast as well. Having the kids around really makes this special.

The paint team, led by Susan, is working to refresh the older building at the orphanage that definitely needs it. As soon as the kids saw what they were doing they jumped in to help. They are hard workers and really make the job fun.

After finishing our day at the job site we headed to the school where they teach English class. TRIP Canada has been sponsoring the English classes here for years. The kids greeted us all with flowers and were so sweet! We sat in on a lesson which the teacher let the volunteers participate in and the kids did very well. You could tell they’re learning a lot and they were able to understand and communicate with us. They also did a drawing as part of the lesson. I think we have some artists in the making… and I’m definitely not talking about the volunteers. Haha!

We ended the night at a nice restaurant called the Cactus Lounge. Great food (best prawns in Tangalle – maybe all of Sri Lanka) and great company! Bring on tomorrow.

106 Another great night out with good prawns and wonderful friends,

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