Tuesday – Painting, Parging and Playing

By: Don

Our first day in Tangalle ended with a dinner and celebration with some scholarship students and their families. Two recent graduates, Thilinin and Chaskia were sponsored by TRIP Canada and had recently completed studies in accounting and dentistry. Each young woman received a watch in recognition of their efforts. Very proud mothers and new friends celebrated their success.

It is our second full day of work and everyone seems to have now settled in, shaken the jet lag, and we all arrived at the Bodiya Temple ready for work – combined with some play. Routines seem to have set in and by the end of the day most of the painting and cement work that we could do was complete.

During lunch we were treated to fresh coconut – our natural electrolytes making Bruce happy that we are all getting them! The treat was provided by a local gentleman in appreciation of our efforts at the temple.

The Bodiya Temple is across the street from a local marina which a few of the crew took the opportunity to tour and meet some of the fisherman. After work some of took advantage of a dip in the ocean or pool. Great to get refreshed after the incredible heat and hard work.

A few of us took in the evening tour to the Mulkirigala Rock Temple. The Temple is an archaeological Buddhist Temple built on a rock 205m above sea level and there are 533 steps to the summit. A special thank you to Deepal for driving and guiding us through the Temple. Now we are off for a fish dinner by the ocean.

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