Team 13 Blog – The First 24 Hours

By Janet & Linda

Team 13 Lands in Sri Lanka

Day one of 13? Most of the 13 members of team 13 have arrived – the last two come tomorrow. Not sure if anyone is superstitious but they tell us 13 is a luck number in Sri Lanka.

A few of us – John, Linda, Amalie and Don – have been here for some personal travel and enjoyed the festivities of the Sinhala-Tamil New Year.

Amalie, Bruce and Janet checked out our two worksites early in the day and the second floor of the orphanage is well under way! They were worried there wasn’t going to be enough work for us. Not a chance!

Back to our homebase to welcome students.

Our welcome dinner set the stage for the great food ahead and all the fun we will have together.

Hard to believe everyone has been in transit for more than 24 hours!

Monday we got to work at the Bodiya Temple – an important community gathering place on the edge of the ocean that was destroyed by the tsunami. TRIP has been helping with the rebuild for the last few years and they saved the final work for us. Really hot – hard work – lots of fun with many curious families and children to encourage us! We painted inside and out and some started to learn the fine art of “parging”.

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