Roof ‘Raised’ Ready for Team 13!

Through the generosity of our donors and the hard work of the Sri Lankan labourers, the roof is up on the new building at Canadapura Children’s Village – and the kids are pretty excited that there will soon be room to welcome others to a new home. Next step is for TRIP Canada Team 13 to build four new dormitory rooms. There are thirteen keen volunteers getting ready to leave this week.

A warm welcome to our new volunteers: Carol Anne Maybin, Erin Campbell, Don Brimacombe, Linda and John Housser, Natalie Ifergan, Stacie Gibbs and Ron Morrison.

Returning because they just can’t stay away: Coleen Beeton, Susan Davidson, Amalie Bruun and, of course, the McKelveys.

The team is an action starting April 17 and you can follow the Blog or watch the progress.

Best of luck to all!

One response to Roof ‘Raised’ Ready for Team 13!

  1. Linda

    We are excited to join team 13, and we are preparing ourselves in Hong Kong. 27 degrees +/- and humid. Eating great fish and seafood. We look forward to meeting the rest of the team in a few days. Linda and John


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