Day 9 – Guest Blog by Brian MacEachern

Day 9 and Brian the intrepid blogger is back!

Day Nine of our wonderful trip to Sri Lanka. Today’s blog has a Parental Guidance Warning. Keep those kids away!!

The banyan trees here are amazing. Here is the biggest one we have seen so far.


Nothing new today in the work department – just lots to do and a sense of urgency to get it done. Lots of painting, sifting, parging and general hard labour. Bruce M., Amalie, and David, as usual worked their butts off parging. We can understand Dave and Amalie as they are young whipper-snappers. But Bruce is an old fart like the rest of the Bruce Beach crew. I don’t know how he does it. (I should add that everyone else is working very hard or the team may vote me off the island!!)

Onto other interesting topics. Somehow it has been decided that the four men are required to wear a sarong at the last night celebrations tomorrow. The women are off the hook and are not required to wear a sari. I think we men are being taken unfair advantage of because the sarong is easily removed. One little tug and poof it’s down around your ankles. I’ve been told I must wear underwear. But as a true Scotsman I can’t possibly wear underwear under a kilt. The sarong is somewhat like a kilt, but covers much more of the male anatomy, so why the underwear? (Note from the editor: Underwear is required for the benefit of everyone else because most men have not learned now to sit properly in a skirt.)

Let’s discuss the cost. My sarong cost 700 rupees. (100 rupees is less than a Canadian dollar.) You can only imagine what a sari would cost. To put it into perspective. Each of my 3 bottles of beer (the very large bottles like you find in Quebec) tonight were 400 rupees, the bottle of wine was 2500 rupees, and the tuk-tuk ride to the restaurant was a huge 200 rupees.

So should I buy a sarong that may fall around my ankles with no warning or 2 beers? I find the math very easy, except, hmm, there will be women ….. oops never mind that thought. (Note from the editor: If Brian decides to go crazy and buy the sarong and the beers his sarong will definitely be around his ankles! Stay tuned for Day 10.)

The work day was very tiring – seemed hotter than ever. Is this possible? But so much has been accomplished. The back wall is half done, all but one bedroom ready for furniture and the outside looking great.

Tomorrow is a short work day and then pizza lunch, coke and ice cream with the kids and a few games. Today was fun teaching them volleyball using a beach ball instead – much easier on their hands.

Dinner tonight was delicious, however the chairs were very strange. I will try to explain: the arms of the chair have extensions that can swing way out in front. The person seated can then put their feet out onto the arms. It was described to me as a gynecologist’s chair. (Took me three tries to spell that one correctly – what were the Brits thinking?) Obviously you can tell that my money was spent on beer and not a sarong.

Another good day – work hard, play hard, fall asleep.

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