Day 6 – Day Off!

Day 6 – A message from the happy hard working volunteers with special excerpts from Brian who is now addicted to blogging!

Yeah! It is a day off and a break from work – and blogging so this will be short.

Some of us went to the Elephant Park and rode through in open jeeps. We saw lots of wildlife and the highlights included:

  • Watching the elephants group around their babies to protect them when more jeeps joined us.
  • Getting a flat tire! The driver and guide changed it so fast we are sure they set a Guinness record!

Brian tells the story:

“We arrived at the park where we hired a tall jeep (our seats put our heads about ten feet off the ground) a driver and a guide. Off we went into the park. The park is 14,000 acres with a tall electrified fence to keep the animals in. We got about 1/4 mile in when we had a flat tire. Normally you are never allowed out of the vehicle. But we were as we waiting for the tire to be changed. As the driver and guide went about the process of changing the tire we all looked around. Sorry to say Laurie, but Little Miss Mac wondered about 50 feet away. Suddenly the guide noticed and became quite panicked. She was immediately called back to the side of the truck. You may understand the panic as you read Day 7’s story of the cobra in the orphanage yard. The rest of our 3-hour tour was memorable. We have pictures of elephants and jackals up close and personal. Beautiful birds, spotted deer with large antlers, ugly water buffalo wallowing in mud holes to keep cool, and many peacocks.”


Others went to Galle, a lovely Dutch fort city, to tour and shop. And some visited Sri Lankan friends and hung out by the pool.

In Galle, Bruce C. decided that a nap and meeting people was better than shopping. In the words of his good friend Brian: “He sat around outside chatting with any local who would put up with him. He introduced one group of young men to (his son) Ian’s music. He went on You Tube where he played Ian’s music for them. Ian, I’m happy to say that they were mighty impressed.”

We finished the day having a drink in the garden and dinner at our Sri Lankan home, Moonstone Villas. We have had some good nights out – but prefer to be here where we are made to feel so welcome.

There are so many memories of our first week together but we are in complete agreement that what stands out is the building progress and the new friends we have made.


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