Day 7 – Back to Work!

Another gorgeous and steamy day in Tangalle.  Everyone enjoyed a day off yesterday with some people hitting the conservation area for a safari to see the elephants in their natural habitat, some people headed to the lovely Fort town of Galle for a seaside lunch and some shopping and some just hit the beach and relaxed at Moonstone.

So today was back to work and a full on day we had.  We are now in the second week so a lot of deadlines loom if we want to leave Canadapura finished or at least with only small touch ups for the workers to do.  We have all got into a rhythm it seems.

Today the painting team split into teams – the upper pillars and beams team, the window shutters team and the roller and lower pillar team in the next room.  We got a lot accomplished.  And we shared the music!  Brian has a little blue tooth speaker which the teams like to fight over as music always makes everything better.  Mackenzie and I spent the day with her iPhone and her country playlist in our own private honky tonk!  Great fun!


At the other end there was some very dirty work (or so it appeared to me!). Sifting sand for the plastering on the brick walls. There is a real art to mixing the cement with the sand and then getting it up on the wall!   And many steps before it will be ready for painting.


Every day we have our lunch delivered and we eat in the children’s dining hall.   Today after our lunch the bell rang and all the children filed in and took their seats.  Everyone quietly waited until all the food had been distributed and then dug in. It is so impressive how amazingly well behaved they all are.  And always with a smile on their faces. And always ready to greet you.  Warms your heart.


In the afternoon there was a bit of excitement as the kids saw a cobra coming out of a pipe?  Everyone wanted us to come and see it but when we arrived the snake had retreated.   Personally I am not that anxious to share my work space with a cobra!   Then I did some research only to discover that there are a plethora of venomous snakes here and the Number One on the list is the Raja raja (Indian cobra).  Luckily he was looking for rats he could swallow hole!


Tonight we went to this awesome resort for dinner.  Owned by a British expat named Nick Buckingham, the place is called Buckingham Place (get it?).   Super trendy atmosphere complete with its own wandering horse called Rocky. The food was absolutely out of this world including my seared tuna wrapped in a spinach something or other. Deeeeeelicious!!  We toured the place and most of us wanted to book a room for multiple nights.   All round a great day and a great night!

It continues to be an awesome adventure!

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