Day 4 – Blog by David Myer

In this blog post, longtime TRIP Canada volunteer David Myer shares his thoughts and feelings on his experience with Team 12 on their 4th day in Sri Lanka.

Canadapura Orphanage is situated on a sizeable parcel of land – I am guessing 3 or 4 acres. The driveway leads you deep into the property where the building compound is located. The building that we are working on is situated to our left and already you can see some of the progress that has been made this week – the walls along the front porch have been painted a pale green, the columns and beam work blue and new exterior lights have been mounted. The lights are a contemporary wood design complete with LED lamps. I can begin to imagine this place as a home for some beautiful Sri Lankan children…

63:  Start of our third day of work and we can see a difference already.

Painting continues inside and out on one end of building, while walls are parged, a new window opening made and more sand sifted for mortar mix on the opposite end of building. With the electricians and plumbers on site – the place is really teaming with workers. At the end of the day, a few of us tried brick laying.

70: Bruce too likes the parging.

During our lunch break Bruce and Brian entertained the kids with counting exercises but when the volley balls came out – the real fun began.  The volunteers and kids standing in a circle – volleying the ball while attempting to improve on number of volleys each time. Sisira, a construction worker, joined in on the fun while we all laughed and cheered each other on! The circle was so large so it was divided into two for twice the fun.

72:  Brian is teaching the little ones.

71:  Lunch time and everyone is up for volleyball.

I would estimate that these youngsters range in age from 6 to mid teens. One little guy, most likely the youngest, was sitting on porch- watching his peers play.  We have noticed him on other days – he doesn’t smile. I don’t know why – but wonder. One volunteer convinced the little guy off the porch for a game of catch. I noticed he was little like me and lacking hand eye co-ordination, but he quickly got the feel for tossing and catching the ball.  He smiled! He laughed. I shouldn’t say it – I cried. Janet presented the kids with skipping ropes, volley ball nets and board games – let the fun continue.

73:  David plays ball with youngest Sasara.

74:  These girls are terrific skippers.

75:  And so are these!!

A few volunteers went to the rock temple between work and dinner. 500 steps up to top of rock to see six big Buddhas. Most of them sleeping- what I wish I could do right now!


Dinner was a delightful end to another productive day- grilled prawn served to us on beach side tables with that wonderful Indian Ocean right behind us. Colleen said they were the best prawns she ever tasted!

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