Team 12 in Sri Lanka – Day 2

Our first day of work was very eventful. It was a tough one with many waking very early, 38 degree temperatures and lots of cement to make for the floors. Fortunately there was lots of painting to do providing some balance. The team rose to the challenge and there were a number of local workers to keep us on track. We had numerous highlight and lots of laughs.

30: Mackenzie is about to get a cement mixing lesson from her Dad.

31: Am has no intention of putting her hands in the paint!!

33: Susan and Liz getting the painting started.

32: Carol and Brian are prepping the floor for concrete.

It was lovely to see a local family bring their child to the home for a birthday celebration and make a donation. Today we had the opportunity to get to know many of the kids better. The youngest is 6 and oldest 16. We don’t know why each is here at the orphanage, but we understand that the majority have been removed from violent homes and some have no parents.


39: A well earnd break - hot, sweet tea and biscuits.

40: Family visits home and makes a donation to recognize their daughter's birthday.

Nimesha 16

People worked very hard and we saw significant progress when we packed up at the end of the day. After work some head for the sea, others for a Lion’s beer by the pool. Much of the fun and humour for the day is captured in Brian’s Blog (first time ever for him!!) so check out the Day 3 update!

Our dinner was a celebration of TRIP Canada students and there were a number who were able to come with their parents:

  • Sithumini is a medical student and she was very excited to get her computer. We give university students a computer after their 1st year
  • Kushan, a recent graduate joined us and he is now an engineer with the National Water Supply and Drainage Board. He visits us every year and this time brought his younger brother who is eligible for university.
  • Sajini is a second year student in Aquatic Resource Technology and was accompanied by her sister who is being supported for her media studies program.
  • Chameth studies Biomedical Sciences and uses his computer extensively for presentations.
  • Sahan studies biology and was just picked from 300 students to specialize in zoology. He also teaches seminars for high school students and is President of the local Zoological Society.
  • Sumudu and Dinithi are incredible sisters who have been raised by their grandmother and have excelled at every level of education.

43: A computer for medical student Sithumini who is really 22 years old!!


44: A proud Dad with high achieving daughters Sumudu and Dinithi.


45: Volunteers, students and families had another delicious Moonsone dinner.


Many receive their scholarship from TRIP Canada volunteers and are hugely grateful that they are getting a chance to realize their dreams. They send their heart-felt thanks to their sponsors.

A hard and rewarding day – and a night to be appreciative of the many wonders of our lives.


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