Volunteer Story – McGregor Family

McGregor Family

The McGregor family is based in Toronto and has been a TRIP Canada donor since our inception in 2004. They have been long time supporters of our projects – but there’s nothing quite like going to Sri Lanka yourself and putting your donation to work with your own hands. Eloise, Jock, and their two daughters Kylie (28) and Blair (26) are excited to do just that for the first time on this years trip. 

As Eloise said, “This trip ticks all the boxes for me: To be able to physically participate in such a worthwhile cause; to visit an exotic part of the world; to meet and work with wonderful and gentle people and get to know their culture; and topping it off, to have the incredible opportunity to share this experience with my husband and both our daughters. What could be better than all that?”

For Jock, going on this trip is not only to further support TRIP Canada, but also to “make a difference with my own hands, to know that my efforts have contributed to a better life for those whose lives were so dramatically affected by the tsunami. Also, of course, I’m thrilled that our girls are going – we must have done something right!”

Kylie has spent time volunteering in Peru and has found her international volunteering experience to be worthwhile and rewarding. As she said, “Going somewhere and helping build a community, getting to know the people who live there, and learning about their culture will undoubtedly be a very different and meaningful experience.”

For the past several years, partly inspired by Kylie’s experience in Peru, Blair has been searching for the right opportunity to volunteer abroad. Her parents’ longtime support of TRIP Canada, and the idea of doing the trip as a family, made this opportunity “more special and meaningful”, and Blair is really looking forward to being able to experience Sri Lanka and its people together with her family. 

The TRIP Canada team is so excited to have Eloise, Jock, Kylie and Blair joining us on our 10th Anniversary trip in April 2015. To learn more about what we do, read about us.

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